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Welcome to our Training Academy!

 We would be DELIGHTED to welcome you!

Our courses run over 6 weeks where you will attend a once weekly live online tutorial ( normally a week day evening). You will then complete assignments via our training portal at a time that suits you and finish your training with a Final live teaching assessment on a date that works for you.

Don't panic if some of the dates don't fit- we will catch you up. Life happens and this training has been devised to work around busy lives and other commitments be that work, family life or both!

Course Dates:

Winter Training Academy - FULL!

11th Jan 2023 7-9pm

18th Jan 2023 7-9pm

25th Jan 2023 7-9pm

  1st  Feb  2023 7-9pm

8th Feb 2023 7-9pm

15th Feb 2023 7-9pm

Spring Training Academy - 2 spaces left!

3rd Apr 2023 7-9pm

11th Apr 2023 7-9pm

13th Apr 2023 7-9pm

24th Apr 2023 7-9pm

3rd May 2023 7-9pm

8th May 2023 7-9pm

Summer Training Academy

12th Jun 2023 7-9pm

19th Jun 2023 7-9pm

26th Jun 2023 7-9pm

3rd Jul 2023 7-9pm

10th Jul 2023 7-9pm

17th Jul 7-9pm


Autumn Training Academy

25th Sep 2023 7-9pm

2nd Oct 2023 7-9pm

9th Oct 2023 7-9pm

16th Oct 2023 7-9pm

23rd Oct 2023 7-9pm

30th Oct 2023 7-9pm

There is limited availability on our courses so simply choose from the dates below to secure your place:

Please let us know what other services maybe of interest to you (no commitment):
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