Victoria Warnes

Founder & Director

FEDANT Birth & Parent Coach

Parenthood has been my most incredible life experience yet. I'm constantly amazed and in awe at just how much parents have to overcome physically, mentally and emotionally during these wonderful,  tiring days.

It’s a transition that we can never fully prepare for -because we can’t control every aspect of it, which is hard for our generation! But what we can control is our perception, understanding  and acceptance of the winding path it takes- freeing ourselves from feelings of judgement from both ourselves and others.
Our mission is to ensure that parents leave as a team feeling empowered with knowledge and confidence in their own instinctive decision making abilities when it comes to their birth and early days at home with their baby.  And because we prioritise positive wellbeing right from the start of our classes - we ensure parents have the tools to support and encourage themselves and each other, as well as know where to ask for support when they need it the most. Afterall- it takes a village.
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Before training and starting Our Baby Club, Victoria worked for 15-years in global advertising agencies - read more here


Senior Teacher Trainer & Coach

FEDANT Antenatal Teacher Trainer & Doula

Clinical Fertility Reflexologist

Feeding Counsellor

Dawn is a Mumma of 4, Step-Mumma to 2 and our wonderful FEDANT approved teacher trainer. She is incredibly modest, yet she has decades of experience training Antenatal Teachers & Doula's both for private practice in the UK and abroad as well as training Midwives within the NHS.

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