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Birth & Early Days Preparation

Antenatal Classes For First Time Parents




A relaxed and friendly, informative five session course taught by one of our wonderful FEDANT accredited Birth & Parent Coaches (who will also be the font of all knowledge when it comes to your local birth services).

You'll leave our classes positively and calmly prepared for your birth-

whichever path it takes- in both mind and body.


Our expert coaches will ensure you get all the latest evidence based research, plenty of parenting insights and practical preparation to support your all important transition into parenthood - all openly discussed with you in an honest, safe and unbiased forum. To mix it up we keep it interactive (note no cringe inducing role play) and throw in a good dose of humour! Not to mention a constant supply of delicious refreshments and an array of socials with your newly made gang of friends.

Includes a Delicious Before Noon Tea and Goody bag


Mini First Aid classes optional extra - find out more here.


You will have FUN, we promise.



Session 1: Staying healthy, Labour & Birth - 4hrs 

Session 2: Taking your Baby Home - 2.5 hrs

Session 3: Boobs, Bottles & Sleep - 2.5 hrs

Session 4: Before Noon Tea - Mumma’s 2hrs

Session 5: The Partner Diaries - Partners 1hr





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Birth & Early

Then There were Two! 

Refresher Class for 2nd, 3rd, 4th time parents



Second, third, fourth time parents we hear you! Every bundle of joy brings with it a few changes here and there. Perhaps this time you have a different birth wish list, or perhaps you would like some tips on how to manage with another little one in tow. Maybe you're new to the area and want to meet a set of brilliant friends to hang out with and find out what local activities there are to do locally with multiples- either way you’re in the right place and we’ll tailor the course to suit you!


Session 1: Getting you back in the Baby Zone! A Physical, Mental &  Practical Check-In to prepare and provide balance, calm and a positive sense of wellbeing for both of you as you look forward to your new addition (2 hrs)


Session 2: Getting ready for your new arrival & Before Noon Tea 2hrs

Mumma’s come and put your feet up and indulge in a delicious Before Noon Tea with your new friends. We’ll cover practicalities on introducing baby to your first born, practical tips on juggling multiples both in and out of the house- and focus on positive mindsets led by some beautiful positive affirmations.

Session 3: The Partner Diaries - 1hr


Includes a Delicious Before Noon Tea and Goody bag


Mini First Aid classes optional extra - find out more here.


You will have FUN, we promise.

A Toddler and a Baby
Then There Were Two

Early Days Sanctuary

Comforting Postnatal Classes For Early Days Support


A relaxed Essential Early Days course for all primary caregivers (partners/friends/mums really welcome too!).


Come and join our super cosy and comfortable little sanctuary for hot tea and cakes, shared stories, and essential tips and advice for those early days. Come and laugh a little, cry a little and be sleep deprived a little (ok maybe a lot!) - we're all in it together!


It's all very friendly and informal - just come along when you feel ready - 4 weeks onwards is a good guide.


A warm welcome, cuppa and delicious snacks guaranteed.

Early Days

Grandparent's Rewind Class

Grandparents are full of amazing wisdom and an essential part of the support network through pregnancy and beyond.

Up to 40% of grandparents now take some form of childcare role – We want to boost your confidence by ensuring that you are fully versed in how best to support your loved ones during pregnancy and their transition into parenthood- as well as refresh your practical skills in caring for baby.

So whether you are about to embark on Grandparent-hood or perhaps  are already looking after your little one- we’d love to meet you! ( suitable for expectant carers or carers of new-borns up to 6 months).


You'll enjoy a 2 session course which includes a paediatric first aid course and a delicious before noon tea with your new gaggle of local friends.


Confidence building and a chance to get social and make new friends- WIN WIN!  

Includes First Aid classes and Delicious Before Noon Tea and Goody Bag.

Couple in Nature
Therapy Session

Our Baby Club Corporate


Support & Empower your employees with confidence by preparing them for the most important promotion they have ever had! 

All the wonder of the Our Baby Club antenatal sessions brought to your expectant mums and dads 'in house.' 

Sessions can be organised in a completely bespoke format and tailored to requirements - perhaps bite size 'Lunch and learn' sessions over a course of a few weeks would suit your organisation or even an away day or afternoon- either way we'll be able suggest a format that suits your requirements - just get in touch and we'll be happy to help. 

Mini First Aid Classes Available!

We are delighted to be partnering with Mini First Aid - their core class is the 2-hour Baby and Child First Aid class, which aims to give new and expectant parents as well as Grandparents or carers, the peace of mind to be able to deal with first aid emergencies. Covering CPR, choking, bumps, burns, breaks, bleeding, febrile seizures and meningitis awareness, this practical course teaches first aid techniques suitable for new born babies through to primary school aged children.


Loved by The Unmumsy Mum, rugby hero Jonny Wilkinson and his wife Shelley as well as the wonderful Giovanna Fletcher, our 2-hour class is a MUST for parents of babies and young children. As Giovanna says:

“Obviously, I hope I never have to use the things I learned in today’s class, but horrible things happen and knowing these techniques can really make a huge difference. The class was fun and accessible given the seriousness of the topic. I would highly recommend everyone doing it.” Giovanna Fletcher

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Mini First Aid
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