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Founder Victoria talks through postnatal heart condition SCAD (spontaneous coronary artery dissection) and its frequently undiagnosed symptoms. She discussed why stress plays a key part and the importance of minimising stress in pregnancy and her quest with the Modern Antenatal Revolution.


Is your child’s sleep messed up at night? Napping later in the day? Then it may be time to lose the snooze. While naps can be a godsend to keep your child well-rested and energetic, as well as allowing parents a little downtime, they can become problematic.

Sleep expert and birth coach, Victoria Warnes, shares her tips on dropping the nap and keeping a happy child.

The Modern Antenatal has landed in Hong Kong & Australia!

The Isle of Thanet News

A stressful experience during pregnancy and childbirth led local Our Baby Club Birth & Parent Coach to ditch her London publishing job of 20 years to retrain in antenatal services.

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