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Is your child’s sleep messed up at night? Napping later in the day? Then it may be time to lose the snooze. While naps can be a godsend to keep your child well-rested and energetic, as well as allowing parents a little downtime, they can become problematic.

Sleep expert and birth coach, Victoria Warnes, shares her tips on dropping the nap and keeping a happy child.

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A stressful experience during pregnancy and childbirth led to Samantha Rae ditching her London publishing job of 20 years to retrain in antenatal services.

Samantha, whose daughter Rosa-Jean is now nearly three, says the evident need for more support and information for expectant and new parents, and even for those welcoming the arrival of second or third children, was the driving force behind her complete change of career.


The Modern Antenatal Revolution has landed in Wimbledon & Merton. Our Baby Club delivers an important service to parents-to-be: modern antenatal education that is informed, informal and importantly offers zero judgement or bias.


When Victoria Warnes was pregnant with her first child in 2014, the antenatal classes she and her husband attended left her feeling unprepared. ‘We felt like our preparation wasn’t grounded in any kind of reality, so not only was our birth pretty tricky, as a result the early days were as well,’ she says. 


Welcoming a new baby is wonderful, but it can also be overwhelming and we are never quite prepared for how it will turn our world upside down. A little extra support can go a long way to helping us navigate pregnancy and those early years and Our Baby Club offers this in a way that is so much more than your traditional antenatal class. We got to speak to Natalie Rushton of Our Baby Club Cotswolds about their Modern Antenatal Revolution

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