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Beaconsfield Birth & Early Days Preparation

Antenatal Classes For First Time Parents


Venue: The Dove Cafe - Holtspur


A relaxed and friendly, informative five session course taught by one of our wonderful FEDANT accredited Birth & Parent Coaches ( who will also be the font of all knowledge when it comes to your local birth services).


You'll get all the latest stats based research, plenty of parenting insights and life hacks presented and discussed with you in an honest and unbiased forum. To mix it up we keep it interactive (note no cringe inducing role play) and throw in a good dose of humour! Not to mention a constant supply of delicious refreshments and an array of socials with your newly made gang of friends.


*Optional extra Baby & Child First Aid Course run by Mini First Aid - ask at time of booking for prices and more info*


You will have FUN, we promise.


Session 1: Staying Healthy & Labour - 3hrs 

Session 2:  Birth, Boobs, Bottles & Newborn Care - 3hrs

Session 3: The Postnatal  Period & Your Postnatal Body- 2hrs

Session 4: Postnatal Planning & Birth Zone /Mocktails and snacks 7pm to 9pm

Session 5: Partner's diaries' chat - Partners only 3pm to 4pm


Beaconsfield Birth & Early Days Preparation

  • Course Dates 

    7th April 1pm to 4pm - Staying healthy, stages of labour & your birth choices

    11th April 7pm to 9pm - Boobs, bottles and sleep and recovery after birth 

    14th april 2pm to 4pm- Taking baby home (2hrs)

    18th april 7pm to 9pm  Evening Pamper Session Mummas only 

    21st april  3pm to 4pm - Partners Only Session

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