How to Become an Antenatal Teacher with Our Training Classes

Our Baby Club’s antenatal teachers are on a mission to transform how parents prepare for parenthood, not just for their births. We ensure they’re empowered with both knowledge, and confidence in their own abilities, when embarking on their journey through birth and into parenthood. The Our Baby Club antenatal teacher training focuses on parents’ wellbeing, freeing them from feelings of judgement and ensuring they have the tools and support needed at every stage of the journey.

7 Ways You’ll Support Expectant Parents as an Antenatal Teacher

An antenatal teacher helps guide new parents on their journey of welcoming a little one into the world. Teachers provide guidance, hands-on support, and training for the parents, empowering them to have the birth they choose and have the freedom to make choices without judgement.

As an antenatal teacher, you will…

1. Help Expectant Parents Gain a Deep Understanding of Pregnancy

Antenatal Teachers help parents understand the process of pregnancy and the physical and emotional changes they will go through, enabling them to feel better prepared and at peace with the changes as they happen.

2. Help Expectant Parents Gain Confidence in Their Birthing Options

There are many different options when it comes to childbirth and what is right for one may not be right for another. As an antenatal teacher you’ll explain each option objectively, equipping parents with the knowledge they need to make their own informed decision.

3. Help Parents To Be Comfortable With Change

Antenatal Teachers support parents to plan for their birth, making the choices that are right for them. However, there are times when things don’t go to plan and changes have to happen to keep mum and baby safe. Teaching parents about interventions, when their options may be restricted and how to adapt to pregnancy and birth that isn’t how they envisaged it is an important part of supporting parents on their journey.

4. Teach Partners How To Advocate