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How to Become an Antenatal Teacher with Our Training Classes

Our Baby Club’s antenatal teachers are on a mission to transform how parents prepare for parenthood, not just for their births. We ensure they’re empowered with both knowledge, and confidence in their own abilities, when embarking on their journey through birth and into parenthood. The Our Baby Club antenatal teacher training focuses on parents’ wellbeing, freeing them from feelings of judgement and ensuring they have the tools and support needed at every stage of the journey.

7 Ways You’ll Support Expectant Parents as an Antenatal Teacher

An antenatal teacher helps guide new parents on their journey of welcoming a little one into the world. Teachers provide guidance, hands-on support, and training for the parents, empowering them to have the birth they choose and have the freedom to make choices without judgement.

As an antenatal teacher, you will…

1. Help Expectant Parents Gain a Deep Understanding of Pregnancy

Antenatal Teachers help parents understand the process of pregnancy and the physical and emotional changes they will go through, enabling them to feel better prepared and at peace with the changes as they happen.

2. Help Expectant Parents Gain Confidence in Their Birthing Options

There are many different options when it comes to childbirth and what is right for one may not be right for another. As an antenatal teacher you’ll explain each option objectively, equipping parents with the knowledge they need to make their own informed decision.

3. Help Parents To Be Comfortable With Change

Antenatal Teachers support parents to plan for their birth, making the choices that are right for them. However, there are times when things don’t go to plan and changes have to happen to keep mum and baby safe. Teaching parents about interventions, when their options may be restricted and how to adapt to pregnancy and birth that isn’t how they envisaged it is an important part of supporting parents on their journey.

4. Teach Partners How To Advocate

Making informed decisions can be difficult when things change quickly or when we’re feeling overwhelmed. One of the most important roles of a birthing partner is to advocate for the birthing person’s decisions and choices no matter what is going on around them.

5. Help Expectant Parents Gain Skills for Caring for a Newborn

Supporting parents doesn’t stop once the baby arrives! As an antenatal teacher, you’ll also educate parents on how to care for their newborn including feeding, sleep, bathing, the all important nappy changing, and more.

Antenatal Teachers support parents in the early days and weeks too
Antenatal Teachers support parents in the early days and weeks too

6. Ensure Parents Feel Successful

We’re passionate about ensuring all parents feel like a huge success as soon as they hold their baby!

7. Help Parents Learn To Trust Their Own Instincts

As an Antenatal Teacher, you’ll inform and inspire parents to be by sharing your real world experience as well as the knowledge, tips and techniques we’ll teach you in your training. This combination will enable parents to learnt to trust their own instincts and decision making ability therefore allowing them to feel more confident in their new role.

8. Help Parents Prepare Together

Antenatal classes provide parents to be with opportunities to discuss and prepare for the major change they’re about to experience, together.

Start Antenatal Teacher Training to Become an Educator

In the UK there are three main ways to train to become an Antenatal Teacher

  • Statutory Profession Entry Awards: profession-specific academic awards that are attached to a specific profession eg Doctor, Midwife, some of which grant the registered individual to provide Antental Education.

  • Private providers: There are many private providers offering varied courses. FEDANT’s National Course Accreditation and Verification (NCAV) Process ensures accredited courses operate within an agreed framework and include a defined set of core elements.

  • Funded and charitable partners: These courses are usually internally awarded and tend not to meet the same requirements of FEDANT accreditation.

Choosing the antenatal teacher training that’s right for you depends on several factors:

  • Do they offer, and do you prefer, online or in person training?

  • If the course is online, are the lessons and modules pre-recorded or does it include live teaching?

  • Do the providers ethics and values align with yours and how you’d like to teach, eg are they an inclusive organisation?

  • Does the course content include topics and subjects that you’re passionate about, eg parent’s positive wellbeing?

  • Flexible start dates?

  • Will you receive accreditation?

  • What do you want to teach (traditional antenatal classes, whole family support, postnatal wellbeing)?

  • What is your budget?

  • How much business support is available once the training is complete?

  • Does the provider offer ongoing support once your training has finished?

  • How much freedom will you be given to run your business once you’ve qualified?

  • How long has the provider been operating?

  • What is provided in addition to the training (access to antenatal teaching resources, company licence, an online presence)?

Why Complete Antenatal Teacher Training With Our Baby Club?

1. FEDANT Accreditation

Our Antenatal Education Diploma is accredited by FEDANT, giving you a professional qualification and enabling you to appear on the FEDANT National Register as well as apply for discounted insurance. We provide our antenatal teachers with lesson plans and training specific to each of the courses we offer.

2. Be Part of The Revolution

We’re driving a revolution in antenatal preparation! Inclusive, practical, non judgemental, unbiased, equal and fun - run by people with lived experiences of parenthood.

3. Flexible

Our Antenatal Teacher Training is a combination of LIVE online classes and assignments that can be completed at a pace that works for you and your other commitments. In addition to the diploma, you can choose whether you would like to operate under an exclusive Our Baby Club licence or create your own brand and resources. You can also purchase our teaching resources such as lesson plans, slides and client handouts as well as additional support in your business planning and marketing strategy that way you only buy what you need! And of course you’ll benefit from our extended network of Birth & Parent coaches via our closed online groups - so we’re always here for you!

4. Exclusivity

We offer our antenatal teachers an exclusive licence to operate an Our Baby Club business in your local area.

5. Fun

We make sure there’s time for friendship and conversation, knowing that the bonds created with others going through the same experiences can last a lifetime. Once a year the OBC family comes together for an in person, informal, professional training day filled with professional development, fun and support.

6. Support For The Whole Family

Our Baby Club’s antenatal teacher training doesn’t just train you to support first time parents. We believe the whole family should be involved in preparing for this life changing journey - whether it’s for the first time or not. That’s why we train all antenatal teachers to support first time parents, second (or more) time parents, and grandparents and carers with specific courses and materials for each group.

OBC antenatal teachers support the whole family
OBC antenatal teachers support the whole family

7. Support Parents Throughout The Whole Journey

Many antenatal teachers focus on preparing families for the birth but we know that the journey into parenthood doesn’t stop there. Our training includes Early Days Sanctuary sessions - sessions specifically designed to support new parents during those challenging early days and weeks.

8. Cement New Friendships With Cake!

Our classes are social, informal and relaxed and all of our courses finish with Before Noon Tea, the perfect way to bring your time as a group to an end and cement those friendships! This is a great opportunity for teachers to partner with local businesses who provide tasty cakes and treats.

All our courses end with celebratory cake!
All our courses end with celebratory cake!

9. Business And Marketing Support

We don’t just train you and leave you to find your way as a newly qualified teacher. Instead we offer a range of business and marketing modules including

  • Brand guidelines

  • Social media support

  • Financial management

  • Managing client administration

10. Antenatal Teaching Resources

We provide everything you need to get up and running as soon as you’re qualified: lesson plans, handouts, posters, flyers, goody bag ingredients, digital slides for each lesson, communication templates, social media templates, and graphics.

11. Further Training Opportunities

In addition to antenatal teacher training, Our Baby Club offers one to one Birth Sister (Doula) training, corporate session training and Early Days Sanctuary training.

Do I need to complete the Diploma if I already work in this space?

Although the Diploma is a great addition to any professional training you may already have, we also offer those of you working in the maternity, antenatal, midwifery space the opportunity to join the OBC family without taking on the Diploma. Our comprehensive library of resources can be purchased separately to the Diploma and we offer standalone training on the Our Baby Club lesson resources so you can add our courses to your current offerings.

Our antenatal teachers run classes for first, second (and more!) time parents!
Our antenatal teachers run classes for first, second (and more!) time parents!

What Educators Had to Say About Our Antenatal Training

"It goes without saying that I couldn't have done any of this without your coaching and training...I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to start teaching!"

Dr Rachel Cichosz - Birth & Parent Coach Walsall & Cannock

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