"Birth is about making parents. Strong, competent, capable parents....who trust themselves and know
their inner strength."

Inhibits milk production during pregnancy
Stimulates the production of breast milk
Sends hindmilk to the nipples when the baby sucks
Women who have a caesarean will not develop stress incontinence afterthe birth of their baby?
Five signs are assessed during an Apgar score. Which of the following isNOT one of those signs?
Choose the best description for the Ductus Arteriosus
One of your clients contacts you to say that her baby, now 4 days old,appears lethargic. He is not feeding well and appears to have a yellowishtinge to his skin.How many wet diapers should the baby have as a minimum ina 24 hour period at this age?
On further questioning you discover the baby in the previous question hasnot fed at all in the past 8 hours. Which of the following poses the greatestrisk for the baby at this stage?
What is the MOST important thing to suggest to the mother if her 4 day oldbaby has not fed at all in the past 8 hours?
Physiological jaundice occurs how often in healthy, term, newborn babies?
Which of the following is an EVIDENCE BASED treatment for physiologicaljaundice?
Which of the following can affect the accuracy of newborn screening testresults? (Apgar Scale)
What is the recommended caesarean rate issued by the World HealthOrganisation?
Babies born by planned caesarean are more likely to experience respiratorydistress than babies born vaginally. How much more likely is the baby to haverespiratory distress if it is born by planned caesarean at 37 weeks than if it isbornby planned caesarean at 40 weeks?
If a woman had a caesarean 5 days ago, which of the following may be asign that her caesarean scar is infected?
At what stage of pregnancy would a vertical incision be the only optionavailable for a woman having a caesarean birth?
What could a mother do to reduce her risk of thrombosis following acaesarean?
There is a risk of uterine rupture in a woman having a VBAC following aprevious caesarean with a lower transverse scar. Which of the following is theclosest to this risk, if no interventions at all are used?
Manual exploration of the uterus after the birth is a safe and effective wayof determining whether there has been scar dehiscence.

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