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You will complete this training during our live online sessions (which will be booked in directly with you at a time that suits you) covering 6 core modules. You will then complete your study for your National Diploma in Antenatal Teaching and your Birth Sister (Doula) Diploma in your own time- finishing with an assessed piece of teaching live online and a Birth Sister Live! Clinic.


Module 1 Anatomy of the pregnant body Understanding of the 3 stages of Birth

Module 2 Assisted Birth & Birth Interventions Birthing Choices Hospital and Home Birth Choices Pain management options

Module 3 Making decisions based on well informed choices & learning to advocate Being prepared- An insight into the unique benefits of an experienced Birth Partner Creating your 'village' and getting organised for bringing baby home

Module 4 Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding techniques The role of hormones in pregnancy and beyond: how your body will change Being aware of signs of post natal depression and what to do next

Module 5 Bringing baby home: The first 8 weeks - everything you need to know & more Relaxation/breathing techniques


Module 6 Teaching Skills