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“Being a parent is a transition that changes your life forever. As a busy tech executive nothing really prepared me well enough for what was coming and looking back I wish I had been given more suitable options, support and realistic information that spoke to me as a modern parent. Combining this insight with my training as a Birth & Parent Coach means I really understand YOU and the tools you need to be prepared for all birth and parenting. I'm super excited to be able to empower parents to find joy in this journey in a compassionate & caring environment."

Birth & Parent Coach,
FEDANT Antenatal Teacher

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Welcome to the Modern Antenatal Revolution. Antenatal classes like no other.

Informed, Informal, Inclusive classes with ZERO judgement.

You'll be coming to get the WHOLE story.

I can't wait to meet you and your GORGEOUS bump! Please book your course below. Any questions please contact me direct hema@ourbabyclub.com and I'll get back to you quickly.


PLEASE NOTE: Classes are priced PER COUPLE with the exception of the

Grandparents class which is per person.