A FREE relaxed, fun and informal online evening for newly expectant parents. 


So you’ve just found out you're pregnant? Maybe a little further along? Feeling all the feels?  Excited, nervous, anxious - probably a combination of all three? 100% normal- and we’re here for you. We guarantee you a very warm welcome and safe space to talk with ZERO judgement.

Let us talk you through the practicalities of what you need to consider and do next: when to book in to see your Midwife, what will happen during those appointments, what questions might you want to ask?  Perhaps you are wondering when the right time is to tell family or friends ... or work? Maybe you are suffering with morning sickness? Partners - are you wondering how you can best support?

 Maybe you're a little further along - this session is still for you!

We’ll also explore how to look after yourself physically and emotionally as you both start preparing for birth and your transition into parenthood and how you can support each other in the best way possible….or find that support to help. We can't wait to meet you!