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Welcome to Our Baby Club - Canterbury

Covering: Canterbury, Medway

Since having my first child, I have learnt so much about pregnancy, labour and childbirth. The more that I have learnt, the more I realise how confusing and sometimes out of date information in the public domain can be for new parents. As a child psychologist, I strive to always share evidence based, up to date and relevant information, in a non-judgemental and inclusive way. I strongly believe that by supporting you to experience the best pregnancy, labour and birth that you can have, this will create the best start in life for you and your baby. I am so proud to be part of the Modern Antenatal Revolution™, and am looking forward to meeting you on my courses.  Hypnobirthing was an approach that worked brilliantly for me, and so I also offer this alongside antenatal education. 

Dr Teresa Wheeler
FEDANT Birth & Parent Coach & Hypnobirth Instructor

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