We finish each class with a lovely relaxation exercise guaranteed to ensure you leave glowing on the inside and out...

Each of our classes finishes with a relaxing breathing exercise - leaving you glowing on
the inside and out

Our Baby Club Antenatal 

A relaxed and friendly, informative five week course created and taught by local modern parents for modern parents to be! You'll get all the latest stats based research presented and discussed with you in an honest and unbiased forum - always sprinkled with some lovely interactive activities and a smattering of humour! Not to mention plenty of delicious refreshments and an array of socials with your newly made gang of friends!

We'll always ask you at the beginning of the course what you really want to hear about, meaning our course is comprehensive yet tailored to the interests of each group - no subject is off topic in this class! And due to the interactive nature of the classes and all the wonderful conversation that stem the content can vary slightly. So the list below is just a guide to the topics that we cover. 

Session 1 Mum's Health, Labour, Birth 

4hrs Weekend 9.30am- 1.30 pm or 1-5pm - ALL WELCOME

– Final stages of pregnancy- staying healthy and feeling good       and getting ready for birth

- Whats in your bag? The things you do and don't need
– Early signs of labour and coping at home
– When to call the midwives/go to the maternity unit

- Whats happens during Induction
– Coping with labour: natural strategies and different types of pain-relief medication

- Straightforward births & every type of assisted birth
– Birth partner’s role in labour

– Home birth
– What happens immediately after birth

Session 2 - Taking your Baby Home

Weekday Evening 7.30-9.30pm - ALL WELCOME


- Prepping your home so its baby ready!
– Going home and the early weeks with your baby/babies
– Practical skills – nappy changing, bathing, swaddling, umbilical cord care and more…
– How to deal with a crying baby
– How to encourage a good sleeping and feeding pattern
– Your postnatal body - postpartum healing
– Your emotional health - birth debriefing


Session 3: Bottles & Boobs

Weekday Evening 7.30-9.30pm - ALL WELCOME

- Getting started- choices
– Establishing a good breast milk supply
– Positioning and technique

- Expressing milk

- Bottle and formula feeding
– Recognizing your baby’s/babies feeding cues
– How to encourage a good sleeping and feeding pattern
– How to tell if your baby/babies is/are getting enough milk
– How to manage common breastfeeding problems
– When to seek advice

Session 4Mum's To Be Afternoon Tea

 Weekday 2 hours – Just for Mums'

once maternity leave has started for all


- A fun Mummies to be Afternoon Tea

– A chance to recap on practical tips and share feelings of approaching motherhood

- Make a social plan for the coming weeks! 

- Baby Wearing - a chance to try out some baby carriers and slings

- Includes free bump photo shoot (shoot only)

- Cakes provided by the delicious Crumbs Kitchen.

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